The Writing Force is Strong

Saturday night I went to bed after an entertaining conversation with Becca about a bunch of our favorite characters but with a list of things that I needed to do for Sunday, the biggest one being ‘write a blog post.’ Sunday morning, I woke up and was trying to get out of  bed and thinking about those same favorite characters and I just had to get up and write what I was thinking down.

I spent the next seven hours writing.

And it was great. I finished the story and my brain it felt so empty and peaceful.

I love the days when there is something in my head and I have to get it out. The characters are speaking and there is something important that they’re telling me. I need to sit down and write and write and write. I wish everyday could be like that. (Despite how exhausting that would be.) And I know that it can’t always be that way.

Some days, I have to get up and be the not writing adult. I need to clean my house and get groceries and make phone calls and seriously consider the next steps in my life and career. I need to actually talk to people that aren’t in my head. Some days, I have to stop being such an introvert.

Other days, I don’t feel well, like every other person, and writing is too much effort on top of feeling achy and tired and wanting to sleep or cry.

And there are days, I just don’t feel like writing. Those are the days I sit there and go, I should write this short story or edit this book and end up putting on a favorite television show and picking up my pencils and drawing instead. (Bonus points if this is actually book related so I’m still moving forward even if I’m not writing.)

It can be hard to accept that all these types of days are okay days. It’s wonderful to have an intense writing day where you shut out the world and focus on nothing but your screen and the characters and laughing and crying and getting angry with them. It’s  good to have an errands day. Clean houses are nice. I don’t like bugs and mice and such. I cook better in a clean kitchen. Food in the fridge and in my stomach is important. It’s okay not to feel well all the time. Self  care is important. And it’s okay to not feel like writing some days and do other things. That makes me a more well rounded person and less likely to get bored.

As much as I wish I could sit there and plan my days to a T. I have to learn when to give up control and when to push through. And you can too.


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