2 Year Anniversary!

Wow, it’s been 2 years since I started this blog/website and there are over 200 posts. Here is to a good third year. Edit: This is actually my 300th post. WOW! 300 posts!

What do I have in store for this upcoming year? Well, more action movie reviews and talk about things I’m watching. Less talk about Star Stable. And more talk about other games I enjoy. And writing, yes, more talk about writing because talking about writing is fun!

But this upcoming blogging year, I’ve got 2 books I want to publish.

Dawn Warrior – Adult Fantasy with twisted fairytales

Warrior Princess Roxana is on a quest to outwit her curse bestowed on her as a baby. Her traveling companion, Gorlouis, is a wise ass teenage dragon with a thirst to prove himself. Their goal, track down the witch that cursed her and get her to remove it. But they might have unleashed something on the countryside worse than her curse on their last job. And Princess Marcellus, Roxana’s betrothed, isn’t pleased with the idea of a female warrior.

And Book 2 of the Heaven’s Heathens – Rodeo’s Run – a science fantasy werewolf biker adventure

VP Savannah Barker’s beloved “Uncle” Rodeo has rolled back into Jasper. Just in time for President Brand to put him in charge of the latest milk run, a cargo escort down to the Texas border and back. It should be a fairly simple assignment. Things are never simple when Rodeo needs to babysit his two favorite  “nieces,” bandits decide to take off  with the cargo, oh, and there is a new puppy in town. One who is changing the status quo between Rodeo and Savannah and Rodeo isn’t sure he’s happy about it.

Otherwise, I need to find a new apartment, a job and maybe start a business. -eyes plate- Yeah, that looks full to me too.

So, mazel tov? -throws confetti-


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