Gorlouis Colored

gorlouis01A little over a week ago I posted a colored picture I’d drawn of Roxana. And now here is her wise ass sidekick, Gorlouis, the teenage dragon.

Yes, he has a mohawk.

That’s how you know he is a HE. (Female dragons have horns like a ram’s.)

Gorlouis is the dragon that gets to say whatever everybody else wants to say and don’t dare. All because he is big and breathes fire and therefore thinks, as long as there isn’t a bigger dragon around, that he can get away with it. (He can.)

It’s been interesting trying to take what is in my head and translate into a picture. I’m not sure if I’ve got him completely right. (I know doing his scales properly would be way too busy artistically.) But now, I can move forward with the digital phase of the cover. (Once I take better pictures of both penciled pieces.)


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