Editing, Editing, Editing

It’s #writerwednesday, let’s talk writerly things.

Last night I finished up the prelim reformatting of Rodeo’s Run, the second book for the Heaven’s Heathens. (reformatting got it from 500 pages or so to 360, go reformatting.) I want to put this book out in August and since my head hasn’t been cooperating writing wise. I’ve been editing instead. Today, I realized that there is less than a week left to February and I wanted to put out Dawn Warrior sometime this March.

And it needs formatting, and editing and I need to make a decision on if I’m going to include the sex scene or not. Dawn Warrior was one of the books I was trying to pitch to agents. So, it’s had at the least a preliminary go through where I cut out all the excess “you don’t  need to know this shit yet” and cut the word count down to a nice 110,000 words, which is for me quite short.

I’m not ashamed of writing sex scenes. On the other hand, Dawn Warrior isn’t a romance novel. I’m on the fence. Include or not to include. It doesn’t really add anything to the plot, but lots of readers also like sex. (Yes, something plot important happens at the same time as the sex scene but I can do a fade to black without losing that and have.)

I guess part of me is struggling with “is Dawn Warrior a good story as written?” Given the way that Dawn Princess (the sequel) has been going in it’s first draft. I’ve lost the conflict. Then again, in the shower, I might have found a solution. But it makes me question the plot structure of Dawn Warrior.

Good thing today is Wednesday and I have plenty of TV to catch up on. And it’s raining here in Florida. I’d rather not go anywhere when it’s raining.


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