#WriterWednesday: works in progress

It’s Writer Wednesday, let’s talk writerly things.

Yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to do with what little energy I had. Becca, bless her, poked me to pick up writing the first draft of book 3 of Heathens. A book I hadn’t touched since June of last year. June of last year was when I decided to publish book 1 of Heathens on Amazon. (E-book & Paperback) Yes, I was writing book 3 while querying book 1 to agents.  Because I’m an overly optimistic person? (No. No. Really, I’m a realist. I was writing Book 3 because it’s entertaining.)

Since then I’ve been trying to work on what limited marketing I know how to do, wrote a couple of short stories and also published them on Amazon. (Story 1 & Story 2) Wrote half the first draft of the second book of a fairy tale adaptation I want to publish this March. (Realized that draft is bad, now must start over.) Worked on a cover for the first book of the fairy tale. Came up with a new idea for a book series and started developing that. And worked on a personal project that Becca and I want to to do together. And did a bunch of editing over the past month. (Which is important.)

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything.

But, still, haven’t worked on this book 3 since JUNE of 2016. That’s up to 8 months!

And yes, sometimes looking at all these projects it feels like I’m swimming uphill against a current in the Niagara River with the rapids and the rocks and sometimes I don’t know if I’m keeping my head above water. Especially when life starts interfering and The Lone Prospect (because of my lack of marketing skills) isn’t really going anywhere.

It can be a bit overwhelming. That’s when I’m grateful I made a ton of notes for Book 3. I can scroll through my notes and giggle over the fun things I have planned for the book. I can remember how much I enjoy writing my own original stories. Then it becomes less work and more happy fun giggley times where if people listened to me as I wrote I’m sure they’d think I’m insane. It’s like a little raft to cling to in all those rapids.

The real struggle for me is to pace myself, remember to eat and to not feel guilty if I’m not always doing something “productive.” I’m allowed to have fun too.


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