Shrek 2 Review Quick Post

Shrek 2: What happens when you marry someone after 48 hours of knowing them. Up to and including false accusations about changing for the other person. Aka, the honeymoon is over and man that was a short happy ever after! (See also this is what happens when you take an anti-social introvert who loves being a hermit anywhere.)

Hey, at least the franchise went with it! And it made for a good story.

Unfortunately, this has not been a good week for me. I’ll give a full review Shrek 2 soon. I wish I could define soon. Right now, all that’s being done is working on draft two of the Dawn Princess (going better and faster than draft one,) working out another trilogy in that world (clues, Snow White, Rose Red and Swan Maidens… oh and gnomes, lots of gnomes,) and realizing I don’t have a book form copy of French Fairy Tales. I have Aesop. I have Anderson. I have Grimm. I have Bullfinch for goodness sake! Missing French.

But all of this is being done from my couch.


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