The Author With No Last Name

Due to a random Facebook question to a post of my nephew holding up a book about to get his read on. (His words not mine.) I am the Author With No Last Name. (I’m also amused no one in my family bought my book until I put out a paperback. Love you guys. Really. I do. That’s $1.02 that I didn’t have before I guess versus the over 6 bucks I would have gotten if they’d bought the e-book.)

Of course, I have a last name. Most people in first world countries have last names. It’s just no one can actually spell my last name, not my maternal grandmother or maternal grandfather, not my landlord. I’m shocked my bills and the bank get it correct. And to make it worse, no one can pronounce it either. It’s old english! Then, I get the questions. Are you related to this celebrity? No. Probably not. Notice how our last names are spelled completely differently? And we pronounce it differently too! Or, I can go with the alternative, are you asking about my dad, my uncle, my paternal grandfather (may he rest in peace) or me in high school?

There are a couple other reasons I’m not publishing with my last name. I find it a rather boring last name and for branding reasons I prefer to just use the initial. I think it’s a tad more memorable. And this isn’t going into the struggle with my chosen nickname. No. For the last time, I’m not Jenny. Ginny, as in Gin, the hard liquor or Ginny, the Harry Potter character. What is so difficult about this?

But the question amused me. And reminded me of the Clint Eastwood Man with No Name westerns. So, I am the Author With No Last Name. Let’s just add to my brand a little more.


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