AMF news

Due to being super tired again this week, there is no Action Movie Friday. I wanted to review How To Train Your Dragon and watched the first three episodes of the Handmaid’s Tale yesterday due to extreme exhaustion. (And consequently picked what I knew of it apart.) The movie I was going to review instead isn’t actually going to be released in the States until September 1st. Please, don’t ask me how I saw it already. (Released in Europe last year, being released in the states late this year, can’t be good for ticket sales. Especially with a lot of the key scenes already on youtube and an international English version running about.) Now I’m a tad annoyed given that I had to go to Rotten Tomatoes to figure out that it hadn’t been released in America yet.  IMdb wasn’t the least bit clear as it’s using the European release year.

So much for me being clever.

-crosses fingers for next week-

Writing wise, I need to read through the first draft of Dawn Princess to make sure there aren’t any scenes that need to be transferred to the second draft of it for the next “act” of the story. And book 3 of Heathens is moving along nicely. I did it again, came up with a scene this  last week and realized after rereading what I already had written, I’d set it up in the first 100 pages or so of the book. This always amuses me. But I want this plot point out of the way so I can move on and away from it in the next books. Because it’s not always about Gideon, Gideon, Gideon, you know.

Happy Friday!


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