#TeaserTuesday: Heaven’s Heathens Map

Heaven's Heathens Map of North America

Post Cascading War (WW3) North America

As I was putting together the cover for the next Heathen’s Book, Rodeo’s Run. I remembered that I really needed to  create a map of at least North America because they were leaving the quaint, idiosyncratic and downright anachronistic town of Jasper to go to another country.

I’m not really any type of cartographer and forgot I had already started a map. So, here is what I know right now that is important. As you can see, a lot of the land has gone unclaimed as “Nomansland.” (Either due to radiation poisoning or country just so inhospitable no one ‘wants’ it.) The Desert is where Colorado, Texas  and California go to bristle at each other with tanks and rocket launchers aka war games.

Maybe for the third or fourth book I’ll get around to making the rest of the world.


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