Space Thriller Designs

Lately, I’ve been exhausted. This means that my brain is stumbling over some of the very minor details that probably nobody really cares about other than me. I have this sci-fi thriller in my head. Thrillers aren’t really my area of expertise. I’m good with adventures and comedy and a dash of romance. Thrillers are pushing it for me. (Not as much as mysteries but pushing it.) Part of writing this thriller is coming up with how one of the main characters, Astraea, is different from everyone else that we’re meeting in the story (while keeping why under wraps.) Part of it is the way she dresses, and her name.

I watched Coco Avante Chanel recently and it really pushed home how Chanel changed fashion and how we view high fashion and women’s dress and how the contrasts of dress can really push a character. And that was what I was embracing when I started designing. Not Coco’s sense of style, but the contrast to it and between people in the same groups.

Anyways, have some random pictures.

Style Board for White Garden themed design project

Style “Branding” Board

Mood Board for The White Garden collection

Mood Board

Mostly Informal Designs (c) Ginny O. 2017

Fashion Design by Ginny O. 2017

More Formal Designs (c) Ginny O. 2017

Of course, the best feeling is that when you’re done designing and then go and see that someone in the industry already does something similar. I sit there and go “Ah, at least I’m not entirely crazy.” I mean, right now, I’m calling this style “everyday wedding dress.” And there are reasons, very plot important reasons why she dresses this way! I am just not always sure why my brain comes up with the things it does.

And that’s okay, because my brain is crazy and I’m having fun inside my head.


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