#mondayblogs: Social Media Fatigue

So, it’s been almost 20 days since I posted to most of my social media. 3 words: Social Media Fatigue.

I’ll admit that lately I’ve been exhausted, a lot more so than usual. Every November the last few years it seems that my health hits a cycle of ‘nosedive’ and stays that way until May. And every year it is something different tending to cause the exact same thing. Though this year has been worse than the previous. I try to go on as normal until I hit this stage of exhaustion where I have to shut something off. Social Media tends to be the first thing to be weaned.

I’ve been hitting a wall with it anyways. About the time I hit exhaustion Facebook decided for one reason or another that I was a spambot (possibly a complete stranger coming in and tagging all my posts as spam. Cue why I barely comment.) I don’t use Facebook that much and mostly use it to keep track of family. I wasn’t happy to find all my posts posted from Facebook being marked as spam, especially since once again, family. I’d like them to know I’m alive. I still don’t know if it has been resolved. They haven’t notified me that I was considered spam and they haven’t notified me that I’m no longer considered spam. Cue me being annoyed. It was a straw. I needed to back away from it and consider what I’m doing and how I’m going to manage.

It’s rather frustrating really. Social Media being a trial and error process and all, but I’m a scifi/fantasy adventure author/novelist/writer and there aren’t a lot of other social media circles that I’m finding that deal with that. There are a lot of young adult book review blogs and there are a lot romance review blogs. (Simple fact that most book review blogs seem to be run by teenagers or housewives. Who all review the same traditionally published books no less. Oops.) There aren’t a lot of pure science fiction and fantasy review blogs (or adventure review blogs it seems) and the few I’ve run across I can’t take seriously. Look, if you’re reviewing in the last year a John Scalzi book from 1984, maybe a review blog isn’t for you.

I also don’t take seriously any review blog that is reviewing Anne of Green Gables or any other literary classic.

Now, the only time I read anymore is when I’m ill on the couch when my head isn’t hurting abominably and I’m not asleep. I’m writing too. I have projects. I don’t have time to start an independent published only science fiction/fantasy book review blog. (Post the idea on twitter, get one like and response about it. Two people. Not alone at least.) I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin and it wouldn’t help me anyways unless I built a team because I couldn’t review my own works now could I? (Of course, I’ve done this whole review team in the past and even though the members of the team were complete strangers before I brought them together we still got accused of back scratching when we reviewed each others work. Been there. Done that. Not looking to repeat the experience. Scary how much I’ve done though.)

But, I haven’t been idle. There was a story sitting in my head for the last 8 years that I’ve finally managed to dig out. I’m shocked I still had the files on hand for this story given I’ve gone through two computers and a hard drive since then. To me, it is really interesting to see how far my writing has progressed and how differently I approach things than I did when I was writing in that universe 8 to 9 years ago. I think about different things now. Pay off and closing all the little plot threads for the reader. (Closure is important.) Tying the beginning of the story to the end of the story. Actually having plot. (Wow, shocking. That was a major problem a decade or more ago.) And yeah, I managed to write a short novel in 18 days. Only because I was in the right head space, I wasn’t on social media and I had some idea of where I wanted to take the story to address a lot of my concerns with that canon and use my head fanon in a more subtle way. (I really thought it was going to be 80,000 words, then I passed that and went, shit okay maybe 120,000. 120,000 it was, phew.)

Not that I know what to do with it. I mean 120,000 words and a bunch of fashion designs. I feel like I should share! I don’t think there are any archive sites that allow for scheduled posting even now. (And I’m not certain anyone but the die hards of that fandom would care.)

Otherwise, I’ve been watching Dragons: Race to the Edge. Good. Very Good. Adventure writers watch and take notes. I had problems with only 2 episodes and that is because a group of people just did not fit the world. (Martial arts based but Caucasian and extremely legalistic with flat characters. Okay, the Defenders of the Wing just didn’t fit. Period.) Funny, engaging, and really showed off all of the characters. Dagur is awesome. Viggo is awesome. Hiccup is Hiccup and awesome. Astrid and Heather are awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. When I get some income or you know, if my family wants to buy me presents, I’ll take DvDs of Race to the Edge, thanks (since I have the others.)

And have continued my “I’m ill, let’s rewatch the beginning seasons of Castle.” Where, when you analyze it as a writer who isn’t bound to ratings or in a writer’s pressure hot box room. I feel that at the end of Season 2, they missed the opportunity for Castle and Beckett to get together. So, the two moved on (or back in Castle’s case) and afterwards the ‘love story’ lost the fizzle (because the writers and creators insisted it was about the Castle and Beckett love story, always a big mistake) and they needed to find a different direction. Instead two season finales later, we have the travesty of, you know, I don’t even want to talk about it. Ugh.

I still love Alexis and Martha and Laney, Esposito and Ryan and Jenny. I love the funny cases! Castle and Beckett, eh, not so much.

I just hope and pray that I don’t do this with my own series. Granted, what I have planned doesn’t include the romance drama tropes that drive me bonkers. So, I hope things stay sparky and don’t fizzle between my favorite pair.

Now, if it would stop storming here in Florida every afternoon and my body would cooperate, I might get something done for a change.


2 thoughts on “#mondayblogs: Social Media Fatigue

  1. Hope you’ll feel better soon! Sorry about being considered a spambot on FB. It’s been acting crazy lately, I hear, but I did wonder where you went there. Glad to see you’re back.


    • It wasn’t where I went, it probably was who I responded to. I disagreed with someone (politely I thought) about a change to a game we play. (The change was making people ill, as a person who has headaches frequently, this upsets me.) They liked it. I didn’t. Next thing I know, I’m a spam bot.

      But yeah, it seems to be going crazy over there.

      Liked by 1 person

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