Rodeo’s Run Cover Reveal and Free Stuff!

I honest to goodness don’t  know when Rodeo’s Run is coming out. Sometime next month is my best guess. Last year, I tried to coordinate with the first Tuesday of the month to correspond with Sturgis Bike Week(s). This year, I’m not sure I care as much.

But here it is, the cover of Heaven’s Heathens MC book 2: Rodeo’s Run, complete with the current synopsis so you can get a feel for what it’s about.

Rodeo’s Run takes you out of Jasper and further into the world post the Cascading War. Which for me as a writer is nice, I get to explore along with you what this post apocalyptic world 200 years after the fact is like. Jasper is a nice safe place. Once you leave it, it isn’t so safe anymore.

That and you get to meet Rodeo. (If you haven’t read the short stories and met him as a child that is.)

Be ready for some preview chapters soon. (I might do blog posts and pages.)

I’ve updated the look of my blog to reflect the new book. And I’ve added some free stuff! Free! I say, FREE! Okay, it’s wallpapers in 3 ratio sizes. Check them out with this handy link.

Sadly, the results of my experiment with tumblr didn’t gain me anything. Onto the next thought, I suppose. Whatever that thought is, I’m not sure yet.


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