#MondayBlogs: Hectic Moving Process

So, it’s the middle of the month and I need to be moved out of my apartment by the end of the month. This whole “your lease is up at the end of August” has been giving me anxiety since January when I found out about the sale of my building. However, my health was in the middle of the ‘winter nosedive’ as I’m coming to call it. (I dread November.)

But the good news is that I’ve found a place, half the size of what I’m renting now, that is in my budget and I should be out of here next week. Phew. Someone is looking after me.

Moving is hectic. It’s all about finding boxes, filling boxes, jumping through hoops on where you’re going and dealing with all the adult things, including the things I hate most, making phone calls. I’m trying my best to do things one small step at a time. Find a place. Get movers. Deal with utilities, which ends with “call landlord and have him come and get the key.” Sometimes, one step at a time is all I have.

Progress is progress.

It’s enough that I’m doing my best. (Even with a hard deadline.)

Now, despite the hectic details of moving, I can breathe a little and relax. I’m getting there.


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