#BookRelease Rodeo’s Run for Sale on Amazon

Rodeo's Run PaperbackRodeo’s Run is now available on Amazon. As a Kindle E-Book at $3.99 and as a paperback for $11.99

A favorite Uncle. Horse Thieves. And no way to contact home. When an easy mission goes sideways, Billy “Rodeo” Marson feels he has more than he can handle to get his people back to Jasper safely. Reacquiring their cargo may be the easy part, supervising young werewolves in love and feeling the responsibilities of the father of the pack is what is keeping him up at night.

Rodeo’s Run is the second of the Heaven’s Heathens MC series. The first book, The Lone Prospect isn’t required reading to understand what is going on in this book, but is highly recommended.

(I also have no idea what is going on with the formatting of the description in the paperbacks. This is the second time Amazon has done this, apparently whatever bug it is, they haven’t fixed it. If I find a free moment from moving, I’ll probably truncate it.)


3 thoughts on “#BookRelease Rodeo’s Run for Sale on Amazon

  1. Congratulations on your book release! For the paperbacks, you will need html formatting to separate the paragraphs.

    You can either start each paragraph with a and end it with to close the code. Or you can break each paragraph with in between.

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