Late Night Musings

Obviously, this isn’t the usual time of day I post. I just don’t feel like going to bed yet. I’ve been typing up the second draft of the Dawn Princess with the soothing voices of reality tv in the background. (Becca, the editor in chief says this draft is going much better than the benighted first draft.) Playing word game math, I’ve gotten about half of the book written words wise and no idea if I’ve gotten half of it written story wise. I’ve got the next seven or eight scenes charted out but the last third of the book while not a complete mystery isn’t completely clear.

I’m not too worried yet. I have until March and it’s a self imposed deadline. (I would like to keep some consistency just for professionalism’s sake.)

But listening/watching reality tv has given me a couple new characters for my Heathen’s universe creating an interesting bit of byplay in my head down at the Police station with the Chief (a cowboy,) his wife the Prosecutor (a no nonsense cajun queen,) Josiah our Deputy Chief (a wolf puppy in every sense of the word,) and the woman in charge of major crimes (WOC smooth methodical sardonic type who happens to be a lesbian.) None of these characters are getting any major play for a couple of more books when a professor type federal agent with his brotherly like partner shows up to investigate the Heathens. But they’re all sitting in my head annoying the hell out of each other. And maybe a group of teenage girls trying to be big shot drug dealers in Jasper (and mucking things up completely. I mean, teenage girls, drug dealing, this is not going to go over well in any sense of the word. Not in Jasper.)

I wish I could write faster and get to all the fun stuff in my head! I have way too many characters for this universe. (And I refuse to cut them. REFUSE. They are all too much fun.)

But no, I need to focus for now on a warrior princess, her new prince and the dragon who is an ass. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gorlouis.

I wish Project Runway would give me awesome characters. This season is a bit of a mess. I love Project Runway. It’s the fashion design major in me. I like to try my hand at the challenges. (None have really been interesting so far, maybe the good or evil evening wear challenge.) And snark about the designers and this season, man, there is plenty to snark about. Casting was horrible. I mean it. At least, please, for the sanity of viewers, cast designers that a) do women’s wear and b) aren’t off in some weird niche fashion subculture that no one including the judges understands. I count Lolita (too costume), any Japanese Kei, steampunk, punk rock, hard core leather looks and anything remotely costume like as part of this. The show is focused on NYC and LA versions of runway fashion, be sensible and cast designers who design that. (Apparently the designers who were doing the casting either missed the memo or forgot this entirely despite having been on the show, some multiple times!) One girl got mocked for designing something Miami looking and yeah, as a person living in Florida, I wasn’t happy with either Zac or Heidi about it. But I get that NYC and LA are the major fashion hubs. (Miami is maybe top ten cities for fashion in the US. I don’t think there are 10 cities for fashion in the US. I’m out at 6. NYC, LA, SF, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago. Maybe Atlanta?)

Most of these designers who are either men’s wear or subculture designers are being picked off one by one. One of the designers who left was what I call a “pretty dress” designer. Yes, sometimes Project Runway turns into the “pretty dress” competition due to the lack of time to make pants! (I would rather they give the designers more time, personally, for these challenges.) But it’s not really a “pretty dress” competition. It’s a fashion competition. We want to see fashion!

This seasons drama getters have so far been the twins and if either one makes it to the top 8, they might be able to market their line into something bigger. Maybe. Depending on if their for the camera personalities work out for them or not. Maybe not because mostly the feedback I’ve seen is  how the two are very abrasive down to their manner of speaking. It’s not team project runway. (They tried that and the ratings weren’t that great. I liked it because it was more realistic.) The twins are still working more as a team rather than as individuals. They keep helping each other and constantly need each others advice. I like one over the other. I feel one is a better designer and the other is a better technician. I think their dynamic is unhealthy in this competition and it is going to bite them. And with previews about accusations of cheating coming up soon, this will be entertaining. So, if their goal was to memorable through drama. It’s working. But they need the design talent to back it up and so far, it hasn’t been there.

Sadly, I don’t feel a connection with any of the other designers this season. Usually, I can find at least one person’s style or personality to get behind. None of the other designers are standing out and are spending far too much time badmouthing the twins instead of making their own personalities known.

Hopefully, American Beauty Star will get better as more episodes air. It’s not from the same people as Fashion Star or Project Runway. But from Herrick Entertainment, the people behind the movie Lone Survivor. Apparently, the CEO’s granddaughters wanted to watch a beauty show on TV and couldn’t find one. So he made one for them and his wife is really into it. It makes me go aww and hopes it succeeds for the sake of the granddaughters. But to do so, everyone needs to relax and show some pizazz. See, Project Runway had pizazz. They had Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who held no punches and could modulate their voices. (This is important!)

Honestly, I’d pay for a channel that was all fashion shows like Project Runway, Launch my Line, 24 Hour Catwalk, Fashion Star and so on. (Not America’s Next Top Model but maybe some of the overseas editions that are still model focused instead of trying to make the Models a social media star, an actress and a dancer all in one. No. Sorry. Not how it really works.) But then, I’d also probably not get any work done at all!

This is getting long… I guess I’ll rant about Season 3 of Killjoys later. To be short, I am not impressed and that makes me very sad.


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