#MondayBlogs: News from the writing front.

I guess it’s time to address the “Dawn Princess” issue. As in, where is it? Well, it’s still sitting at roughly half finished.

My health isn’t the greatest. I freely admit to that. Last year, I started feeling good in August and then we got a hurricane in September and then in October I was hit with some major stress that triggered my health back into a downward spiral (about a month early. Usually, it can get bad in November.) As of yesterday, my head started to feel remotely normal.

I want to give my readers the best product I can possibly give them. I don’t want to write something and come back a few years later and go “you know, I could have done a lot better.” I want to be as proud of this book as I am of the Dawn Warrior. (It’s not great literature, but it’s a fun story with a strong female character that doesn’t take shit.) Now, I could stress myself out and feel a great deal of guilt and anxiety or I can remember that GRRM still hasn’t put out Winds of Winter and I can’t remember the last time Butcher put out a Dresden Files novel. And I’m nowhere near the level of those two authors readership-wise.

My health has to come first.

Let me be pithy for a moment here and put out there that next to no one has read the Dawn Warrior anyways. (Hey Uncle Stan, thanks for reading my book!) This is mostly due to my poor marketing skills and the inability I feel in branding myself as an author. (I can brand myself in fashion design, but books, I’m lost.)

It’s not that there isn’t anything getting done in Ginny O. land! The writing I have been doing is world building for a science fiction series I have on a list of “books under development to write” involving Hindu myth and saving the galaxy. Then there’s the game Becca and I have been poking at for the last year or so. She writes the main story as the YA writer. I do design work, keep big documents of information and write holidays! (I love me a good holiday in a game.) And I’ve been steadily chipping away at my fashion portfolio. (Status: Inking 3rd project as I type.)

I hope to get back to it soon. After Easter, cross fingers.

Happy Easter Everyone! And happy April Fool’s. (That I don’t celebrate. No.)


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