Open for Commissions (Life Update)

First things first, I’m available for commissions! I’m fairly open and versatile as to what as well. I can do SIMPLE book covers, write blurbs, edit query materials and write blog posts (2000 wds max.)My flat bottom rate is 20 bucks and sliding upwards depending on what you want. Details.

Simple Book Covers:

A simple book cover is you sending ME via email a image you’ve bought/made or a copyright free image with your name and book title and the GENRE of your book. I will make it the correct size for KDP or whatever template you need and do font composition. If you’ve paid for a font, you may email that to me as well. If you NEED a font, I can find completely free fonts.


A blurb is the back copy of your book. This blurb has to capture the interest of the reader and is often used on websites as marketing copy. Length depends on where it’s placed. If you send me a summary or synopsis of your book, I can write for you an interesting character driven blurb for your back copy/amazon page. (If you want me to READ your book and blurb it, that’s extra.)

Query Material Edits:

Your querying materials are the first thing an agent sees. Having the right query letter can bring you to the top of the slush pile and get you a request for a partial or a full. I use the Query Shark Method to write my query materials. I’ve helped Rebecca M. Horner with her letter and she got at least 3 requests on her book. Sometimes, it’s difficult for a writer to step back from the work and see what is really important.

Two Ways

You can send me your current query letter and a summary/synopsis of your book and I’ll critique it, offer suggestions and send it back to you.


I can do a LIVE Twitter/Skype consultation with you over your query letter and help you one on one. Half an hour MAXIMUM.

Blog Posts:

I can also write blog posts. Do you want a guest post for your blog? Do you need a post quickly and don’t have anything? Or, do you think this blog is far too dead and have an idea you want to see written by me and would like to sponsor a post? (I have a list of over 20 posts on my to write list and no motivation.) If you sponsor a post here at my blog, you’ll get a lovely byline!


What’s going on Ginny?

November is my month of ‘waiting for the shoe to drop.’ Holiday stress, winter, maybe it’s my body cycle, but usually something bad happens in November. This year, I fainted and ended up in the ER. Fortunately, God was with me and I was in a public place, people were around and someone caught me. But w/o a job, I have no insurance and big medical bills.

My health hasn’t actually improved since then either. I’ve been dizzy, my heart pounding and head hurting on and off. This has made looking for a job/help without fear of fainting again impossible. I’m exhausted. I think my blood pressure is too low, but w/o a medical diagnosis I’m not sure.

My savings are exhausted. I need to make rent. As much as I would love for my books to sell. This hasn’t happened. And my energy is so bad, I have a book finished and waiting to be edited and I just haven’t gotten to it. I have another book halfway through a second draft and it needs to be finished. I have 4 more book series ideas in the works and Rebecca M. Horner and I have decided to launch the Mystic Riders MMO blog to gain interest.

Rent and my bills are the biggest priority right now. If you need help with a book cover or a blurb or query materials or your blog contact me at or comment. IF $20 is too much, and you would still like to support me, please, buy me a Ko-fi.

Thanks so much in advance for any support.

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