I always have the urge to tap the page to make sure the mic is on or something with these things.Ginny O.

I’m an Adult Sci Fi/Fantasy Werewolf Adventure writer without any fancy degrees, just an abiding passion and a lot of experience pounding away at the keyboard. I love reading and I love writing. Reading is an addiction and writing is a disease. (If you don’t believe me, ask Robert Heinlein. Go on. I’ll wait.) My third grade teacher read us The Hobbit and Mossflower with voices and started my addiction to the written word. He is awesome. Redwall, Star Wars, Dragon Riders of Pern and about anything Mercedes Lackey were my comfort reads of choice in high school.

I love back rubs, cuddles and action movies. Yes, Action Movies. What is not to love? Man eye candy, Ginny O.gratuitous explosions and no need to think too much. I think too much already, sometimes I just want to turn my brain off, thank you very much. So, in this blog, you’ll find reviews with my own system of the action movies that are in my collection. (Yes, I have a collection.) Along with posts about writing. Want reviews about books, check out my friend, Rebecca M. Horner.

If you haven’t noticed, my main weakness is commas. There are at least 17 rules on how to use a comma. Don’t ask me to remember them. I also not very good about time skipping, description and repeating things.

My life is fairly quiet, hopefully in the future there will be some posts about my adventures in Friday, my quirky car.

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