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Preview the Lone Prospect, Preview Rodeo’s Run
Lone Prospect Excerpt Round Up
The Lone Prospect in Paperback, Rodeo’s Run Released in Paperback/E-Book
Brooding Werewolves by Ginny O. (Flash Fiction)
LP Cover Art, LP New Concept Cover Art, AA Cover Art, RR Cover Art, World Map, Theme Song, LP Mood Board, HH Mood Board, Motorcycle Art
Ideal Werewolf Novel
The Evolution of the Lone Prospect, Werewolves and Emotional Labor
Werewolves Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Dog Men, Bikers, And South Dakota, But why Science Fantasy?
Wolves Aren’t Dogs, Fun Wolf Behaviors

Dawn Trilogy:

Concept Cover Art, Colored Roxana, Colored Gorlouis ,
Preview the Dawn Warrior: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three
Dawn Warrior in Paperback/E-Book
Dawn Trilogy Covers


Writing Fanfiction is Okay
How Much Do You Really Want It
Ideas, Squeaky Toys of Doom
Motivations: Reasons for Writing, Reasons to Publish
Bringing it All Together, Work
A Method to My Madness
The Importance of Being Organized
Baseball Bat to the Brain Pan, Shock Writing Pt. 1, Pt. 2
If that Mood, Focus Pt. 1, Pt. 2
Storytelling is More than Just the Facts
When You’re Part of  Team
Catching the Spirit of the Times, The Zeitgeist
Searching for the Spirit, The Zeitgeist Pt.2
Strong Characters Independent of Gender
Variety Beats Tokenism Any Day
Speculative Fiction Speed Dating
The Naming of Names
Dear Gentle Reader, A Miss Manners Letter Response about Self Publishing
My Self Publishing Journey
Self Publishing & Success (50 Shades of Grey)
Success or Something Like It
Success is a Journey, Not a Destination
Trivialization of Writing in Today’s Society
Main Character or Group of Characters
Writing Characters You Love
Meta Data Tools for Writers
It’s Not About Pages, It’s About Word Count (Referenced on Fan-Lore!)
The Princess/Nerd Syndrome
Control, The Internet Has None, Copyright
It Doesn’t Always Go Smooth (and that’s okay.)
The Writing Force is Strong
Ginny O.’s Method of Character Development
Astrology Book Recommendations for Character Creation
Characters: How to Write Unlikable Protagonists
Writing Reveals: Character Backstory
KDP Expands to Paperbacks, an early review
Romance Writing is About the Audience, Writing Romantic Chemistry, Part Two, Part Three
Meeting & Subverting a Reader’s Expectations
When Others Doubt You & Your Story
Stress & The Power of Positive Thinking
What Goes in Must Come Out
Creativity is Like Making a Risotto
Something Out of Nothing
Trusting Yourself As A Writer, Talking it Out
Book Marketing: A Quick Take Away, Content Marketing: A Quick Take Away, Tips for Using Tumblr
Important Things to Remember About Authors
Retelling Old Stories, Tale of Tales (2015) Short Review
The Glue Binding the Story Together: Conflict
Crafting a Believable Setting
The Beginning, the Start, the Catalyst, Opening Your Story
A Cascading Effect: Editing
Reviewer Mismatches & Target Markets
One word: Write
Use An Active Voice
Does the World Need Your Book
The Big Bad Method of Storytelling
E-Book Piracy is A Problem
Frustrations of An Indie Author
Write a Good Story
It’s Time to End Free Books
On Female Agency, On Writing Female Agency
Making it Up as I Go Along
Picking Your Battles (Knowing Your Strengths)
Lessons from Drawer Fic
Getting the Message Across
Keystone Settings
Getting Unstuck In Writing: A Case Study


Tips for Querying
The Evolution of a Query Letter
Common Sense Advice for Query Letters
Ways to Pump Yourself Up for Querying


My Fashion Connection
Dream Jobs, Fashion and Barbie
Let’s Talk, Lammily
The Morality Police are Out Again
Fashion Business & Writing, Creative Style, Target Market, Trending, Inspiration, Materials, Design Process, Editing
Project Runway Thoughts Season 16
Project Runway Results Musings Season 16
Project Runway: Hanging by A Thread
The Cult of Celebrity and Fashion Design
Seats at the Table: A Metaphor
Fashion Friday: Good & Evil
Fashion is a Business (Harsh Truth Pt. 1)
Fashion is a Science (Harsh Truth Pt. 2)
Fashion is Art (Harsh Truth Pt. 3)


Rated M for Manly, Action Movies
Where Have All the Young Actors Gone?
The Anatomy of An Action Star
The Female Action Star, Missing in Action
Mash Up Genre: Romantic Comedy/Action, Scifi/Western, Scifi/Horror, Scifi/Fantasy
My Life Through Books
Good Books are Hard to Find
Book Lover’s Day: Confessions of A Book Addict
If We are What We: Read, See
Books that Stand Out from the Shelves
Outgrown Genre, Christian Literature
You Can’t Take the Sky From Me, Firefly
Women in Media: The Power of Perception
Women in Television Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Unforgettable, Rizzoli & Isles, Pt. 5
Sons of Anarchy, One Word, Conflicted
SING, A Short Animated Film Review
Killjoys, Season 2 Talk, Season 3 Talk
Not All Strong Female Characters Are Warriors
Character Studies: Nani, Chicha, Colette, Marian
Star Wars, Remnants of an Old Obsession
5 Books that Feature Werewolves
Say What? A Response to a FotF column about Parenthood
Child Friendly Themes Don’t Always Mean Child Friendly Media
The Power of Fandom


On Games “For Girls”
War Games and Unpopular Opinions
Unlikable Protagonists, Ratchet
Y,R,P. Girl Power! Final Fantasy X-2
I Have a Confession, I’m a Gamer/Nerd
Babysitting a Computer Game
Okami: Not all Powerful Females are Warriors
MMOs, A Female Gamer’s Perspective, Part Two
Parents & Players: Don’t Play Star Stable (Brutally Honest Star Stable Review)