Rodeo's Run Cover Front
August 2017 E-Book: Paperback

Welcome to my mental cookie box filled with snarky, biting gingersnaps! Why gingersnaps? Well, it is a play off of my given name, but please, call me Ginny. I don’t have the red hair to be “Ginger.”

I’m an adult Sci Fi/Fantasy Werewolf Adventure Author and a Womenswear Fashion Designer who adores Action Movies. So that’s what you should expect to find in this blog. Posts about writing. Posts about fashion. Updates on my current projects, reviews of action movies which I’ll be using gingersnaps to rate them, strange mysteriously appearing short stories and any news about publications. Sometimes I try to talk about big things/ideas, whether or not I succeed is a bit of a crap shoot. That will be up to you to decide.

If this isn’t enough to get you interested, then click on About to learn a little more. To see my portfolio click on All Projects. Otherwise, full speed ahead to the Blog. The Contents has all the big entries in a link list to save scrolling!

Writing Projects:
The Dawn Princess (Dawn Trilogy 2): Second Draft
Serpent’s Smile (Heaven’s Heathens 3): First Draft
Horse Riding MMO: Under Development with Rebecca M. Horner


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